About IOWG

Distinguished scholars, guests, and students gathered around in Georgetown Qatar for the Indian Ocean Working Group-hosted conference

Faculty Lead

Uday Chandra

Uday Chandra is an Assistant Professor of Government. He received his B.A. in economics from Grinnell College and his PhD in political science from Yale University in 2013. Uday’s research lies at the intersection between critical agrarian studies, political anthropology, postcolonial theory, and South Asian studies…

Dr. Uday Chandra responding to a question during his presentation
Professor Abusharaf engaging in an intellectual conversation with scholars

Rogaia Abusharaf

Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf is a Professor of Anthropology and author of Transforming Displaced Women in Sudan: Politics and the Body in a Squatter Settlement (U. of Chicago Press 2009); Female Circumcision: Multicultural Perspectives (Ed.).(University of Pennsylvania Press 2006) and Wanderings (Cornell University Press 2002)…

Firat Oruc

Firat Oruc is Assistant Professor of World Literature at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar. His research and teaching specialties center on the multidisciplinary intersections of modern world literature, postcolonial global literatures, cultural and literary studies of the Middle East, translation studies, and world cinema…

Professor Oruc presenting his research at the Center for International and Regional Studies

Mohammad Reza Pirbhai

M. Reza Pirbhai is an Associate Professor, specializing in South Asian and World history. His research is focused on Islam in Modern South Asia. He earned a doctorate in History from the University of Toronto (Canada) in 2004. His articles/book chapters on such topics as Islamic law and theology, Hindu nationalism and British travel literature…

Professor Pirbhai engages in a positive discussion at the Indian Ocean Working Group-hosted conference

IOWG Founder’s Webinar

On August 3rd, 2020, the Indian Ocean Working Group held an online discussion with four of its five founders on how the Indian Ocean Working Group came into being.


Amira Sonbol, Professor of History at Georgetown University in Qatar

Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf, Professor of Anthropology at Georgetown University in Qatar

Ahmad Sikainga, Professor of History at The Ohio State University

Sandra L. Richards, Professor Emerita of African American Studies and Theater at Northwestern University in Qatar


Uday Chandra, Assistant Professor of Government at Georgetown University in Qatar