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Planet Georgetown invites students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 of high school to explore the world of today in order to shape the world of tomorrow. Planet Georgetown is a year-long initiative dedicated to helping local high school students prosper in their current academic setting to prepare them to become successful university students and lifelong learners.
Planet Georgetown provides students with enriching workshops and growth opportunities throughout the year geared towards personal and academic skills building. In addition to learning and developing new skills, students get the opportunity to meet the wider Georgetown community through lectures and discussions. Students also receive a certificate of participation for each workshop that they attend.

All sessions will be conducted virtually through zoom and given below are the topics which are being covered for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

FALL 2020

  • Public Speaking Essentials: Finding Your Voice
  • Executing the Perfect Presentation
  • The Principles of Productivity: Time Management and Organization Skills
  • How to Be a Critical Reader
  • Writing in an Academic Setting           
  • Strategic College Application Skills


  • Diversity in Discussion
  • Introduction to Georgetown Majors
  • Digital Activism
  • Leadership in Action
  • Self-Care and Stress Management          
  • Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

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