Full-time Enrollment
New Student Pre-Registration
Pre-Registration, Registration, Add/Drop, and Waitlists
Withdrawing from Classes and Tuition Refunds
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Full Time Enrollment

Georgetown SFS-Q students typically take five courses per semester and graduate in four academic years. Students are required to be enrolled on a full-time basis, which means taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

New Student Pre-Registration

New students must pre-register for their first semester of classes over the summer. Registration for new students is open for a month, usually from late June through late July. Specific dates for each year will be sent via email.
In order to pre-register, you need to do the following:

Georgetown students typically take five courses per semester. Only pre-register for three of the five courses.

Pre-register for the following:

  • Microeconomics (ECON 001)
  • Philosophy, Theology or History (PHIL 099, THEO 001, HIST 007 OR HIST 008)
  • Foreign Language Course (French or Arabic) – If you don’t have near-fluency in a language other than English, you’ll need to enroll in either an Arabic or French language course. Select the language class you think is closest to your ability. You’ll take a language placement exam during orientation which allows us to adjust your registration as needed.

You’ll take two additional courses in your first semester, but don’t pre-register for them online. They are:

  • Proseminar INAF 100 (we place you in this course)
  • Critical Reading and Writing Seminar (WRIT 014) or Writing and Culture Seminar (WRIT 015)"- During orientation you’ll take a writing assessment which will determine the course best matched to your preparation. You’ll then register for this course accordingly.

Note these important items:

  • Select SFS-Qatar as Part of Term when filtering the schedule of classes to see just the classes at SFS-Q
  • Your academic advisor may edit your course schedule as needed.

You’ll meet with your assigned academic advisor during orientation to further discuss and finalize your schedule. You can make changes during the add/drop period as needed, but finalize your courses as early as possible.

Pre-Registration, Registration, Add/Drop, and Waitlists

Pre-registration is usually held the first two weeks of November for spring semester courses; the first two weeks of April for fall semester courses; and end of January through early May for summer courses. Registration dates for specific programs like study abroad may vary, but all will be announced each year.

  • Georgetown students typically take five courses per semester and graduate in four academic years. Students are required to be enrolled on a full-time (minimum 12 credits per semester) basis.
  • Review the curriculum requirements and course schedule.
  • Review your degree progress in MyAccess’ Degree Audit.
  • Read the pre-registration details (importance of listing alternates, course restrictions, etc.)

During Pre-Registration, your registration requests are collected and approved by your advisor, then processed in a batch at the end of the pre-registration period. You’ll see results a few weeks after pre-registration ends.

During Registration, your results are processed as you submit them, so you can see immediately if you have been registered for a class or not.

Add/drop is an extended registration period – a last chance to finalize your course schedule. Your class schedule must be final by the last day of add/drop.

If a class is full, you can opt to be placed on a waitlist. Don’t assume you’ll get a seat in a class that is full. Always register for another class if you don’t get a confirmed seat in your preferred course. If you are awarded a seat from the waitlist, you’ll receive an email at your Georgetown email account. You’ll have up to 24 hours to claim the seat. If you don’t claim it, it passes to the next person on the waitlist.

Withdrawing from Class and Tuition Refunds

If you need to withdraw from a class, always consult your academic advisor first. Note the last day to add/drop and the last date to withdraw from a course on the SFS-Q Academic Calendar.

University Registrar's Office

The University Registrar’s Office provides information on the Washington, D.C. and Qatar campus’ schedule of classes, registration procedures and policies. 

SFS-Q students should contact Deborah McKee, Academic Recorder at SFS-Q for transcript requests and other registration-related queries instead of the Georgetown Registrar in D.C.