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GPS Class of 2014
GPS Class of 2014

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Owing to the current COVID19 situation, GPS 2020 will be conducted in an online format from July 4-23. The application will be live from May 10 to May 26. 

A three week program for highly motivated local high school students.

Preparing for the challenges of university life starts now.  Georgetown University in Qatar (GUQ) is proud to offer an uniquely inclusive preparatory program for local students in Qatar who seek a competitive edge in the university application process during their final years of high school. The Georgetown Pre-College Summer (GPS) Program features three weeks of full-time classes taught completely in an English-speaking, coeducational setting. Students will gain valuable experience developing and practicing the academic and personal skills necessary for university-level success. Areas of focus include:

SAT/ACT Preparation — Daily classes delivered through an internationally recognized test-preparation organization provide students with tools proven to increase SAT & ACT scores. The superior test results make GPS participants more competitive university applicants, and the skills taught by expert instructors prepare GPS participants to be more capable university students.

Academic Life — Students experience the demands and the style of university teaching and learning by attending daily classes in:

  • English –  focusing on Critical Reading & Writing skills necessary including writing, reading, research, and presentation skills
  • Introduction to International Relations –  an interdisciplinary course focusing on theories of political science to examine topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security, global ethics, and the political environment.
  • World Geography - focusing on basic knowledge of the physical and political geography of the world covering the fundamental forces that shape the physical geography and  understand the effects of physical geography on human behavior.
  • Global Politics – an intensive introduction to the major fields of study available at Georgetown Qatar (International History, International Economics, International Politics, and Culture & Politics) 

Tuition Costs: The total tuition fee of GPS is QR 3,200  which includes five courses, including the Score Plus SAT/ACT course taught by qualified instructors, and formative sessions led by peer tutors.

The GPS 2020 application is now CLOSED. 

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